5 thoughts on “Parental Advisory

  1. I used this book as an aid on a Mass Media Ethics class. My paper turned into a huge anti-PMRC rant and one of the more amusing, well-researched (passionately researched)projects in the class. This book exposes the Parental Advisory Labels for what they are (a flipping joke)and the politics at the core. All but confirms my belief that Tipper Gore is a demon spawn.

  2. Started reading because I actually found an autographed copy (always a plus). Fascinating history of music censorship across the history of modern pop music, with much that was enlightening (albeit in a depressing way) about how brazenly racism and political repression figured into official bans and taboos. But…and you know something, I don’t believe the author would go along with this…as the years progress, and the rise of Rock’n’Roll (and, later, rap) puts forth more transgressive personal

  3. An excellent book that gives the istory or album labeling. It shows how some people with power can change our world “for our good”. My favorite story is how Frank Zappa had an album labeled explicit for language despite the fact thast is had no words at all. Worth a read and despite it’s subject very hilarious (refer to Frank Zappa story).

  4. This book was used as a cornerstone of one of my Mass Comm. classes back in college, and I reread it after graduating. Nuzum chronicles music censorship incidents ranging from the funny to the outrageous. I really wish the author would update and expand this into a newer edition.

  5. I had to use this book as a reference for a paper I was writing and ended up reading the whole thing on my own. It’s extremely informative and gives light to many of the events concerning censorship in America throughout the years.

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