5 thoughts on “Outsiders, Vol. 2

  1. Judd Winick seems like he’s finally starting to get a little more comfortable with Outsiders: Sum of All Evil. The fact that I’m more familiar with the core characters probably helped to. Nightwing, Arsenal, Grace, Jade, Metamorpho (now calling himself “Shift”), Indigo, and Thunder all return to tie up some loose ends and start to gel as a team a little more in this volume. A couple of other heroes make appearances as well. Huntress fills in for a wounded regular and one character’s father stops

  2. I really love the Nightwing giving Arsenal the Bat-therapy for post-injury gun aversion. The relationship between the two former Titans and Shift’s relationship with Indigo really underscore the fact that the rest of the team is just a job. These people aren’t a family. They don’t love one another, and as we learn from the villains, that way lies team dissolution.

  3. Judd Winick has apparently never read about Dick Grayson or Helena Bertinelli before. Or at the very least that’s what his characterization of them in this volume lead me to believe.

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