5 thoughts on “Out of the Salt Shaker and Into the World

  1. A fabulous book that will change a Christian’s view of witnessing to Christ – unfortunately in today’s culture, the word “evangelism” has become a scary word – to both Christians and non-believers alike…for Christians due to fear of rejection or fear of inadequacy and for non-believers because of what they have heard from TV or what our post-modern culture has told them. Ironically, many adults who today reject Christianity (“I blindly accepted it as a child”) now “blindly” reject it as an adu

  2. Pippert pulled off the remarkable feat of making a shy introvert like me not only want to share my faith, but actually believe that I can do it. Her real-life examples are incredibly beautiful and inspiring, and shatter the stereotype of judgmental, shove-it-in-your-face evangelism. She makes her stories even more accessible by showing the progression from her first awkward attempts to the bold yet compassionate truth-speaking she now employs. And of course, she shows how God guided every conver

  3. The book has been very inspiring to look around and see what God is already doing around us. We are also going through the Experiencing God study on Wed. nights at church and it also deals some of the same issues. Look around you and see where God is working…that is your invitation to join Him in His work. Out of the Salt Shaker really brings out the importance of showing people they are NOT a project. You should truely care about them and try to see what God is doing in their lives so you can

  4. Great book on evangelism from a women who walks the walk. My thoughts on witnessing to others changed dramatically after reading this book.

    She talks about how to be genuine, to live a life set apart, to impart grace to others through prayer and friendship. To not give up or feel defeated because your hard work doesn’t pay off before your very eyes.

    One thing that stands out is the serious nature of being a Christian evangelist, the truth is the truth, no neutrality, know the Bible and well, unde

  5. I would rate this book among the most inspiring I have read in the past ten years, or more. Becky Pippert is so down to earth honest about herself, and natural about speaking about her faith with others. Her book is shot through with a genuine love for people, rather than considering them as evangelism fodder. If you want to get over your hang ups about evangelism, or help your church get over them, or if you want to understand what the Christian faith is about, then read this book. And if you j

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