5 thoughts on “Or Else, The Lightning God & Other Stories

  1. Lim’s remarkable sense of sensitivity captured every aspect of the society’s everyday life in one book. From one short story to another, each were written through a microscopic lens in an effortless style to depict reality. The cultural and historical influences gave life to each of the stories. Other than the chaotic reality, I believed that Lim is trying to project moral lessons through her stories. It is rather a subtle effort in addressing the issues in today’s living.

  2. Amazing Singapore classic! My school used the book for literature and I found the book witty and ironic. The author’s good use of plot twisters and touch of pathos simply makes the book worth reading.

  3. The stories were amazing and it suited me well.Especially,the characters inside the story entitled”Durian”.They were bickering on Ah Kum inside the story,whereas she did not retaliate back but instead,continued to suffer under her vicious aunt.
    But,Ah Kum still treated her aunt well as 20 years passed,it was her temper that she was controlling and she finally did that.Well done!
    Next,this is a fiction story.Nevertheless,Fajar Secondary School(Our school)still bought it in a dozen for the Second

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