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  1. Quirky, fun and zany. I felt like I was right smack dab in the middle of a 1940’s movie flick with Hepburn and Grant….It so had that “Philadelphia Story” feel to it.

    A young woman mistakenly breaks and enters into the wrong apartment where she is greeted by Mr. Gorgeous, our hero. Of course, Mr. Gorgeous (kind of the Ray Milland or Cary Grant type…you pick) wants to know what the H E $ # is she doing.

    Seems our heroine, needs to recover a letter that she regrettably wrote 5 years ago to a ma

  2. One of my favorite Mary Burchells – it begins with Alma determinedly breaking into the apartment of a man who is blackmailing her. Unfortunately, she miscalculates and enters the one immediately below, where she meets a charming stranger who is rightfully skeptical of her. Even worse, the blackmailer is murdered, and Alma is suspected of involvement. Will the mysterious stranger protect her from the police? Can their strange attraction survive both their odd introduction and the fact that Alma i

  3. What do you do when you meet your soul-mate too late. Hilma is engaged to the very nice, very rich, Roger when an old flame decides to blackmail her over a compromising letter she wrote years ago.

    Not being one to let herself be blackmailed, Hilma decides to burgle his flat while he is away one weekend. All goes well until she is rummaging in his desk and a stranger appears. It was the wrong flat, but the man may well be the right man.

    Buck is engaged as well, to an heiress. As they fill in time b

  4. Mary Burchell and her sister saved Jews from the Nazis during World War II, funded largely by her writing. She wrote novels from 1936 to 1985. She was my favorite romance writer when I discovered romance novels in my teens. I’ve been rereading and reviewing a box of her books that I kept.

    One Man’s Heart is one of her best. It is a highly unusual vintage Harlequin romance. We meet the heroine, Hilma, as she establishes an alibi before breaking into a man’s flat. A few years earlier, she wrote a c

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