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  1. My sixteen-month-old son got excited about One Gorilla the minute I pulled it out of the library bag. So, we’ve already read that one 😉 A few times, in fact. He loves animals and animal books, and I think he’s especially captivated by the eyes on all the primates in this book; or maybe I’m just projecting because that’s what really struck me. So expressive! I really appreciated the expressions and personalities that Browne gave to each primate. I think my favorites are the gibbons with such a

  2. Anthony Browne’s One Gorilla is simply and beautifully a basic number and counting book, featuring the digits one to ten, and text-wise, not much else. However, for young children just learning their numbers, this truly is a superb introduction to the same, with the added benefit of showing that all primates, including us humans, are related, are of one family. Of course, that one small bit, might also, unfortunately, make One Gorilla rather unacceptable for parents who are strongly anti-evoluti

  3. Count the primates, 1 to 10!
    I loved the beautiful artwork of the different types of monkeys.
    However, the ending of this book knocked it from 4 stars to 2. (view spoiler)[I do not believe in evolution, so the ending about humans and monkeys being the same just spoiled the whole book for me. (hide spoiler)]

  4. One Gorilla: A Counting Book is one of those books that appears so simple, yet is truly outstanding in so many ways. First, the illustrations are beautifully stunning and lifelike, and each primate’s expression is unique and individual. Second, as a counting book the layout really encourages this learning aspect with its large, bold, colored numbers, bright white backgrounds, and placement of the primates in ways that make it easier to count them, such as in rows (most are this way). Third, I re

  5. Anthony Browne’s One Gorilla is an excellent read for young children looking to expand their vocabulary through counting. One Gorilla is a counting book however, the book uses a variety of different primates as it subject for counting. This book will not only help younger readers from 3 upwards to continue number recognition through sequential counting, it will also provide a challenge for a more advanced younger reader as it will allow them to learn new vocabulary. The illustrations within the

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