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    When I first received this book I was very intrigued to read it because I have never come across a novel that has dealt with hybrids before. The whole concept is unique and refreshing to the paranormal romance/erotica genre and I couldn’t wait to read it. Suffice to say there were aspects about the plot I really enjoyed. I could see the series continuing on and leading in many different possible directions with the interesting characters and their ver

  2. “Once Upon a Mate” by Christine Kirchoff was interesting…Violet Caen is leading a good life. She’s working at the profession she loves, she has a nice house, and she has her beloved canine, Trouble…what else could a girl want out of life? Why don’t we throw in some shooting ninjas, thrill joy rides and some mind-blowing sex, and see how that works out?
    Sound good…because this is exactly what begins happening with Violet’s life…one minute she finds herself about to subject her next writing

  3. What makes this a good read are the characters, humor, and the hot, steamy scenes. Violet is witty, full of attitude, and flawed. She has a habit of whining but the author balanced this perfectly by making it a character flaw that helps you relate rather than be annoyed. She does have a tendency of coming off as the stereo typical hussy but you can’t help but root for her because she is the average woman with insecurities, fears, and dreams. Avery is every woman’s and some men’s dream come true,

  4. nce Upon a Mate is a new book.

    Violet’s life was quiet and lonely, she is an author who lives through her imagination and her love for her dog named Trouble. She was raised by her affluent parents in Reading, PA, but her relationship with her family has always been thorny. Lonely, books, writing and a lovable dog were her life until Avery came crashing in.

    Avery was raised as a lab experiment. He is a genetically created wolf – human cross breed. Escaping his torturous imprisonment with his “famil

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