5 thoughts on “Once Bitten, Forever Burned

  1. Once Bitten, Bound Forever is by two fantastic authors that writes fun and hot stories. Together they bring you two different stories with great storylines and hot sexy characters. Both stories are tied tighter, I have never read anything like it, it felt like one author wrote them both, yep, that’s how this book flowed for me. I devoured both stories in just a few hours.

    The first story by Eve is very emotional. The heroine in an abusive relationship and cant seem to find a way out. I felt Eve

  2. Brilliant Writing! HOT EROTICA!

    Wow, the first anthology I have ever read where I gave each story a 5 star rating. This is one book you will not be able to put down. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. I absolutely positively loved it! Both authors’ did an excellent job expressing their meaning of Once Bitten, Forever Burned when it came to the mixture of dealing and choosing a relationship between a were-wolf and a vampire. The erotic scenes were fantastically written and had me squirming in

  3. This book was horrible. I gave it a shot because I like most of Eve Langlais’ work, but this one was bad. It felt as if the story were thrown together in under an hour. The hero goes to war, gets turned into a vampire, and then returns to the love of his life 10 YEARS LATER! And she accepts him immediately and they act as if they have only been apart for a short period of time. They jump right back in head first talking about how much they love each other etc. Did I mention that when he returns

  4. *WARNING*
    Do NOT attempt to read while cooking.

    I completely love this book. Why? You may ask . . Well, because you get a story told by two amazing women.

    To start the story off we discover that something terrible has happened, Brittany who lost her one true love has gone on to suffer even greater at the hands of a very ugly man. Deciding to fight on and hope for her own revenge one day, Brittany tries to maintain somewhat of a normal life for herself. Hard to do when things have changed so much in

  5. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Review: Ok im going to start with, Devons Redemption as its the first story in the book. It starts off with Devon going off to war and getting him self killed, or so his love Bethany thinks, but it turns out he getting changed into a vampire, you leave him dieing on the battle fild crying out for his love, asking her not to forgetting. The story then jumps ahead ten years, so we can see what Bethany has made of her self, it turns out she has become a vet but she has a secret, she six years befor

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