5 thoughts on “Once a Cavalier

  1. Historical time-travel romances have many obstacles to overcome in order to make a good book. There must be some logic as to why the hero or heroine goes forward or backward in time. With that logic there needs to be some suspense. The chemistry must be good. The era in which he or she travels to must be convincing.

    Reality leads one to believe that the time traveler won’t be immediately accepted by others; their speech, clothes, mannerisms and the way they were brought up is different. The ques

  2. Good story. Enjoyed the roles the Cavalier Spaniels played in Larryn’s time travel experience. Author does a good job of describing the time period to the point that you can get a very good feel of what it was like in London of 1666. I definitely wouldn’t want to be there during the Great Plague and the way society in general dealt with it.

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