5 thoughts on “Old Jacob

  1. It is just a shame that there wasn’t a whistle stop in this tale. It is the kind of story you gulp all in one bite, tastes good and goes down smooth. Except for a lump of coal. A must read.

  2. A creepy and suspenseful short story that seems like it would be great for YA readers. I really liked the fact that Hailey isn’t bound by any gender stereotypes I’ve unfortunately been seeing lately in kids’ literature. The imagery of Old Jacob’s victims and the foreboding smell of copper in the cave were especially effective. I just wish the ending hadn’t been so abrupt, but as another reviewer mentioned, kids probably wouldn’t mind it.

  3. This is a great short story for children. Was fun to read with me being an adult, as well. Interesting twist at the ending, but wish there was a slight bit more to that. I think that’s me looking on it as an adult though. I don’t think a younger reader would need more than is given here.

  4. I have read a few of her stories now and im going to have to admit to being a fan. the consistency and the style is enough to keep me happy. i love to sit down sometimes with a cup of tea and one of these stories and relax with it.
    what struck me as being particularly great about this one is that we arent going to be bored and neither will your children. you see we get the unravelling of another typical childhood adventure for the two main characters but have just enough here that it will enterta

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