5 thoughts on “Ogre, Ogre (Xanth #5)

  1. I discovered the Xanth series when this book came out. I went back and read the first four. I love them! I’ve recently introduced them to my son who doesn’t enjoy reading, but really liked the first book. I’ve read the series at least four times. I (in my tiny circle) led a D&D campaign that I designed based on the Xanth books. It was the most fun I had as a DM!!

  2. It is hard to believe that I used to be so dedicated to these books. Man, these were the gateway drug that led me to a life of reading fantasy, and now I can barely force myself to read them.

    Where do you want to start? The blatant sexism? The preposterous premises? The hamhanded plot construction?

    I fell out of love with this series around book #8 or so, when I realized that these books were constructed according to a very predictable, cookie-cutter type plot: an outcast character goes to the Go

  3. I first read this book when I was in 3rd grade, on loan from my neighbor Rolf Mueller. I remember thinking it a hoot, and though many years have passed since 3rd grade, I remembered the book fondly.
    A few years back, while looking through a closing used book store, I found a paperback copy for $.50. I bought it, fully intending to read it again at some point. And, so I have done. And it was still a hoot.
    It’s a simple read, very punny, that tells the story of an ogre much more engaging than Shrek.

  4. This is the ONLY book I ever forbade my son to read. (He loves to tell people that his mother, the librarian, censored him!) He was in 7th grade and I didn’t want him to read it because of the first scene in the book where an ogre tries to rape a woman in her own bedroom and then implies that all women “want it.” Of course my son read the book on the sly but it sparked a recurring discussion about attitudes towards women that lasted across his teen aged years. I think that helped to make him the

  5. I grabbed this because I needed a book that would be easy to hold as opposed to the over 800 page main book I’m reading (Bully Pulpit). However, I think Anthony has done better than this particular title. I got a bit bored when he started repeating themes he’s used in other books like having the protagonist enter fantasy worlds within other fantasy worlds to solve an issue. Or maybe those other books copied the idea from this one, this is a fairly old title of his. I loved Smash as a character.

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