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  1. Meh

    This had an interesting setting that I don’t think I’ve encountered before in a HR.

    The H was Cromwell’s London magistrate. He was definitely not puritanical, but he came from a poor background and had felt Cromwell was a better choice for England. So, he had fought on the side of the Roundheads in the Civil War. He’d obviously become disillusioned with the tyrannical leader, but he’d also profited handsomely from his allegiance – so he goes along and turns a blind eye to the injustice for the

  2. There aren’t many books about this time period. I thought it was well researched and had a very good plot. It reminded me a bit of the WICKED LADY but the heroine was not as evil. After reading this story I am very interested in highwaymen so I will be reading the sequel – Desire’s Disguise. As for the cover on the ebook version – I liked it! Simple and to the point. Not all romance novels have to have naked men and women on the cover……

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