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  1. I wasn’t sure what to think when I started this book since I have read only a few historical novels. I was immediately drawn into the conversation between the characters and especially loved the very well written dialogue scenes. Years ago, I purchased a Tiffany style lamp and loved it and the eclectic spirit it brought to my bedroom that had a very contemporary bedroom set. Thus, I found it fascinating to get the history behind the lamps and sadly, not surprised to find out the design was by a

  2. This is a wonderful book that I recommend highly to those interested in historical fiction. It’s the story of Clara Wolcott, the unrecognized true artist behind the success of the famous Tiffany Lamp. The book pulls you back into the late 1800s and early 1900s and feels like it was written back then. The language is beautiful and the descriptions are strong. Echo Heron, the book’s author, has intimately researched the era and her real-life characters, filling in details or creating them where ne

  3. Typically, I prefer historical fiction laced with violence and action. Noon at Tiffany’s isn’t like that, so I’m surprised that I enjoyed it so much. The author presents us with actual letters written by Clara and her counterparts, which added to the authenticity of the setting and characters. She skillfully fills the space in-between the letters with fictional scenes, but due to her careful research, they don’t feel contrived. I was able to abandon myself to the imagination of the author, accep

  4. “It is easy to imagine a woman a hundred years from now saying to her daughter, ‘Here is the Tiffany diamond-and-ruby necklace that once belonged to your great-great grandmother, as exquisite and stylish today as it was then.’ I assure you no one will be passing on one of these silly lamps that had sat for years in someone’s dusty attic.”

    Clara Wolcott was the woman who designed and executed the beautifully intricate Tiffany stained-glass lamps. At a whopping $20 a week, Clara was paid well above

  5. I finished the book yesterday night but still have not parted with Clara. It is a nicely written book of incredible female strength, artictic talents and life twists.
    The characters are very vivid, at some point you end up feelings like you knew them in person.
    The pace was very nice, it was easy to read and intrigueing to know what will happen next.
    I really recommend to read this book, especially to female readers 🙂

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