5 thoughts on “No One’s the Bitch

  1. Chapter 2 of this book was posted on the Internet by the authors, which is how it caught my eye. I’m not married, but the ex wife of the man I date is one of the most hostile people I’ve ever encountered and says demeaning things about me to her children — I imagine especially at times when she feels threatened. I am reading this book to understand the dynamic better and perhaps keep some sanity. So far, one thing I’ve learned is that, in these situations, the ex often feels threatened because

  2. A great book IF you can get the other party (in my case the ex-wife) to also embrace the concept of seeing each other in a better light. For those (like me) who tried relationship and reached the olive branch this book was kind of painful to read, knowing that I would always be perceived as”the bitch”

  3. I liked how the book included advice on what to do if your attempts to be friendly do not work. I liked the SM perspective and agreed with how Carol felt on certain subjects. From the SM POV her and I are similar. We even appear to have the same personality traits (VERY organized, chart-maker, hands-on, tough love). I just wish it had more ex-wife perspective since that’s what I was hoping to find. I know how I feel; I wanted to know how the “other woman” felt/feels.

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