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  1. MY REVIEW- Tim Downs has written some pretty different books. This whole Bug Man series was kind of out of my league when it comes to Christian fiction. I have only read a couple of the other Bug Man series but I have heard the rest of them were pretty good. So when this one came out I knew I had to review it! I have to say first off that there are several things I do not care for in this book. There are several terms that are borderline and then there are heroes in the story drinking beer. That

  2. Nick Polchak isn’t so much a confirmed bachelor, then one who has been confirmed by his friends that it would take a miracle for him to get married. You see he’s a little peculiar; he doesn’t really like humans as much as he likes bugs. As a forensic entomologist, he is more comfortable watching maggots on a dead body, than planning a wedding with his fiancé, Alena Savard. Fortunately Alena, who trains dogs, some who find cadavers, is a perfect match for him so it looks like marriage maybe in hi

  3. Sometimes a get a stroke of genius. I would like to think that my idea to read four books in the Bug Man series at once was a sign of my genius. Unfortunately, I think it was just a matter of timing. I received a copy of Nick of Time for review and realized that I hadn’t read the three books in the series (First the Dead, Less than Dead and Ends of the Earth). I really enjoyed the first two books in this series, Chop Shop and Shoofly Pie. I must admit this was one of the most enjoyable reading e

  4. From The Cover:
    The Bug Man is getting married on Saturday…if his fiancee can find him.
    Forensic entomologist Nick Polchak lives in a world of maggots and blow flies and decomposing bodies. No wonder he’s still single.
    But Nick has finally found a woman as strange as he is — dog trainer Alena Savard, a woman who is odd, reclusive, and can seemingly talk to animals. It was a match made in heaven.
    Nick and Alena are scheduled to be married on Saturday — but there’s one small problem. Nick has dis

  5. Nick Polchak is getting married in a week. He gets an invitation from a friend in Philadelphia to work on an interesting case. A forensic entomologist, he teaches at North Carolina State and consults with police on murder cases. His fiance can’t understand why he’s leaving a week before the wedding.

    She lives on top of a mountain and raises a cadaver dogs. The Bug Man and the Dog Woman, a match made in Heaven.

    He gets to Philadelphia and finds his friend murdered, the police unhelpful, and feels c

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