5 thoughts on “Negima!

  1. The excitement continues to build as this series continues a strong run with inventive yet logical consequences of the world paradigm Ken Akamatsu has developed. I’m beginning to feel like I’m repeating myself but he continues to use events not only to tell a story, but to give his dozens of characters the opportunity to grow as well.

  2. Mage Negi Springfield has confronted some tough challenges. After all, he’s an English teacher at an all-girls school. But even though hes faced one of his students in battle without using his magic, its getting harder and harder to keep his powers secret.

    Too many people already know, so who’s next to find out?

  3. i watch the anime version :
    it is about Ten year old boy name Negi Springfield who has just graduated from magic academy. He have a dream to be a master wizard.
    For that he sent to Japan to teach English at girls high school.
    and the story begin ..

  4. Series…going…downhill…
    I guess as this progresses more and more toward a resemblance to the awkward cut scenes in role-playing-games, I’m less and less interested.

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