3 thoughts on “Navy Fun – When Ronald Reagan Was in Charge, and Being in the Navy Was a Blast

  1. This is one person’s chronicle of life in the US Navy.

    The author grew up in a small town in Michigan. Part of a large family, his father’s attitude was that when each child reached 16 years old, they moved out of the house. A friend was joining the Navy, so the author followed him.

    Boot camp, held in Florida, consisted of a lot of yelling, for no good reason. When it was time to choose the area of training the sailor would learn, the author, having no better ideas, went to yeoman school. There h

  2. The book itself ws a pleasant read, reminiscent of my Navy days. However, the era he speaks of does not bode so well for those of us who served with pride in the early sixties. The CNO Admiral Zumwalt, wanted to make the Navy fun. He relaxed dress codes, allowed civilian attire on ships and for the most part drugs, race problems, and lax discipline ran away.

    I think this ear hurt the reputation of the Navy, considering this was the times that there were mutiny’s on several aircraft carriers, on b

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