5 thoughts on “Naughty Bus. Jan & Jerry Oke

  1. This book was used during SEA with Reception children as part of shared reading. I found the pictures in this amazing, and the way the text was shaped to link with what was happening was brilliant (though I don’t think the children at this stage appreciated this). After reading this book as a class, the class made their own version by finding an object in the classroom to be used as the naughty object. This object then went on different adventures (including on the trip to the Church with the cl

  2. The real life photographs mixed with the visual look of the words in this book absolutely bring the narrative to life!
    It’s the little detail of the bus’s face that caught my eye the most.

  3. This is a fantastic book that encourages great conversation with children. The pictures are brilliant and show the bus being played with at varying levels and heights … just as a child would play with a toy. The text fits in with the context of the story and illustrations beautifully also.
    This book can be used as an early introduction to mapping or even by allowing children the access to technology to recreate the story with toys of their choice.
    It is a book with lovely opportunities for lea

  4. Naughty bus

    This book is about a tale of bus journey. What he gets up to and how he gets into trouble.

    I thought this book was really enjoyable. The style of the text is shaped to link the story. The pictures are brilliant and they represent the story. The pictures are not annotated they are real life pictures in great quality.

    Naughty bus shows mapping in a different style. It could encourage children to use this as an example to map out their own story.
    A lovely work of art!

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