4 thoughts on “Mystery of the Missing Luck

  1. We have recently read three picture books about ‘Maneki Neko’ or the Japanese Lucky Cat (aka Beckoning Cat, Money Cat, or Fortune Cat): The Tale of the Lucky Cat, The Beckoning Cat: Based on a Japanese Folktale and Maneki Neko: The Tale Of The Beckoning Cat. Then I discovered this chapter book and thought it would be a fun read as well.

    I never really knew anything about the origins of the talisman, but I knew the figurines were considered lucky and were often seen in restaurants and stores. We l

  2. A young girl, Sara, loves her grandmother’s bakery –not only for its delicious Japanese buns and pastries, but for the time she spends there with Obaachan, her grandmother. When Maneki Neko, the bakery’s lucky cat statue, goes missing, Sara wonders if the bakery’s luck is gone for good. With the help of a school friend, Jake, and the inspiration of a mysterious night-time cat, Sara resolves to find the missing statue.

    This is an easy-to-read chapter book for ages 7-9. It is not so much a traditi

  3. This book is a fast paced and interesting – it held the attention of my 5 year olds who made me read it through in one sitting! I loved the characters and the incorporation of details about Japanese culture. The ending was satisfying with a little mystery left to the imagination of the reader. Very enjoyable!

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