5 thoughts on “Mrs. Malory and a Time to Die

  1. This is supposed to be a nice cosy mystery story, told through the eyes of Sheila Malory, who lives in the small town of Taviscombe, England.

    A Time to Die is one of a series, and having not read any of the other books, I was instantly confused. This needn’t have been the case but for the appalling first thirty or so pages of this book. All it takes is a few short paragraphs to give the reader a bit of background information, establishing the protagonist and their circumstances. But all there was

  2. This long series gets even better at the end- as Sheila feels both the physical reality and wisdom of advancing age. It truly is a different perspective. Plus Hilda AND Mrs. Dudley BOTH have roles and are in their peak forms. And there are 3 deaths in quick succession in a plot that centers around the local Taviscombe stables. Accidents? I rather deduced only one of the three. Finally the duo of Rosemary and Sheila do the prime reveal TOGETHER. Finally, the duo’s celebration of their life-long f

  3. This novel by Hazel Holt is set in the town of Taviscombe, England. Sheila Malory is the main character, an elderly grandmother who is friends with Charlie and Josephine Hamilton who run the local riding school her young grand daughter attends.

    A Time to Die by Hazel Holt.

    Sheila finds herself spending a lot of time at the stables as she takes her grand daughter for lessons and sometimes the grand daughter of her close friend Rosemary… more at http://equus-blog.com/a-time-to-die/

  4. Not the best of the series, but it was nice to revisit Taviscombe and its characters and catch up with the lives of Sheila Mallory, her friend Rosemary, and their families. A series of mysterious deaths centered around a friend’s riding stable gets Mrs. Mallory’s investigative instincts going, but the explanation is one even she had not considered. Aging and its attendant concerns are a theme of the book, and also, perhaps, in evidence in the writing; a sprained ankle on page one becomes a wrist

  5. I am a fan of Mrs. Mallory. Her cozy way of solving mysteries has always been both fun and relaxing. But this latest installment seemed rather weak. That being said, I thought I knew “who dunnit” by page 156, and I was wrong. I was even wrong on my second guess. So I suppose that says something.

    Taviscombe is a quiet place most of the time. But the widow, Mrs. Mallory, always seems to wind up in the middle of a muddle in the most Miss Marple-ish way. Hazel Holt never had Christie’s pure talent fo

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