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  1. *** First Reads ARC (uncorrected proofs) win from Goodreads ***

    To be fair, I should explain where my mind had been before reading this book. I had just read six of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman books, two more Neil Gaiman books, a book of Endless stories by other authors, reread Ursula K. LeGuin’s Language of the Night and listened to the end of the worst of Spider Robinson’s Callahan Tales and the early chapters of Michael Ondaatje’s Divisadero. All in three days, because I was sick from eating a profi

  2. I gave it about 100 pages, maybe a little less. The concept is intriguing, but I couldn’t connect with the character well. The writing was just too, I don’t know “flowery” for me. I didn’t care to delve any deeper into the world of classical music or discover the mystery behind Elizabeth’s mother.

  3. Not quite sure what I expected opening the pages of Motherless Child, but it certainly wasn’t to be engrossed in a page-turner wondering, “Will she be found out? Will she tell? Will they or won’t they?” until the last page was devoured. Even with a beginner’s knowledge of classical music, the story line, characters, and mysterious plot are more than enough to pull you through the world of orchestras and concertos.

    It was a refreshing and wonderful flashback into another time and another world.

  4. The book description is dead-on in stating that the story gives a pretty good overview of the “business of classical music”. While the plot line was not a shocker, it was the detail of the world of classical musicians that was interesting. this is a pretty quick read, but not without leaving you wanting to make note of specific pieces of classical music to listen to.

  5. Won this book free through Goodreads Firsts Reads giveaway. This book was not bad. A good read. Had a lot of areas which tended to stall the books enjoyment which is why I only gave the book a three but overall a well written story with an enjoyable lead character.

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