5 thoughts on “Montana Wife (Bluebonnet Bride, #5)

  1. Too much sadness and daily struggle. Too much description of planting, farming and the stress to make ends meet. The hero was a tortured man. Afraid to open up his heart. He reflected a lot on the abuse and beatings he experienced as a child. The h was guilt-ridden for caring about a new husband. A hard romance to enjoy. H/h were so unhappy because of the constant battle to eke out a living. They never got a break or prospered. Few pages of happiness at the end. These were two good people who de

  2. Another great addition to the historical books Jillian writes.

    Not only a great story but showing how tough it was for the widows

    back then. I also am enjoying how the last few books have connections. Friends and neighbors in previous books.

  3. Her husband was dead. Rayna Ludgrin found herself unexpectedly alone. How was she going to survive and raise her two young sons? She discovers something shocking when she goes through her husbands papers…her ranch and everything on it are mortgaged to the hilt! Men come out of the woodwork trying various schemes to steal her corp in the field waiting to be harvested, her land and her virtue!

    Her neighbor Daniel Lindsay offers a hand up and a way out. He wants her land, but will marry her and pr

  4. I am currently reading Montana Wife by Jillian Hart.

    Montana Wife
    Jillian Hart
    Historical Western
    296 pages

    Man And Wife–Facing The Rigors Of High Country Ranching.

    That was the simple, solid ideal that Daniel Lindsay willingly offered Rayna Ludgrin. But she’d lived a grand passion, he knew, and he could promise only a quiet, steady brand of love…!

    Her soul raw with a new widows’ grief, Rayna Lundgrin vowed she’d never feel love again. Still, life under the wide Montana Sky was hard for a woman alon

  5. Back in the day – the frontier day – when a spouse died, you pretty much had to start thinking about another one before you were really ready to. It was a harsh land and you needed a partner in order to survive. This was a good story, a sweet budding romance, and well written enjoyable read.

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