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  1. Well I should have stopped reading way before I did (I finished it) and at least I can say I added another book to my reading challenge. Writing was so bad. Story was boring and scary chills?…sorry but not very thrilling either. Story and characters lacked substance and dialogue was so weird.

  2. I came to this book expecting another hell raising ride of chaotic imagery (that I experienced with his short story collection Demons by Daylight) but this was far more conventionally written. Still in evidence though was Campbell’s subtle approach to horror. Before the opening chapter was a quote from David Aylward:

    “Writers (of supernatural fiction), who used to strive for awe and achieve fear, now strive for fear and achieve only disgust.”

    This shows Campbells appreciation of such classic write

  3. Much of Campbell’s work is stunning (The Face That Must Die, The Doll Who Ate His Mother), but this one was just lukewarm (sorry!). While you want a certain amount of the mundane, quotidian lives of the characters in order to flesh out said characters, MS overdoes it, giving us what feels like whole chapters of, for example, Ellen’s life at the office that lend nothing to the story. There’s some very poetic verbiage in here, and some genuinely creepy moments, but the story moves at a glacial pac

  4. I felt like the book was padded out to meet some genre standard page length. A character is influenced by supernatural forces to go into a kind of trance, which he does often and at length. I don’t have a problem with the trance itself, but after the first couple of time I pretty much got the idea and could have done without the rest.

    The book is suspiciously “summer beach reading” thick, which I take as support of my padding theory. I really like Campbell’s short fiction, but this novel seems to

  5. Midnight Sun’s writing was choppy, the characters were rather boring, but the plot was creative and original and the dazzling and at times chilling imagery was well-worth reading for. I doubt I’d read it again but I’m glad I read it at least once.

  6. Campbell es un muy buen escritor, y la idea detrás de “El sol de medianoche” era muy prometedora, sin embargo, de algún modo, creo que se contuvo demasiado y acabó ofreciendo una novela que si bien es entretenida, la verdad es que no acaba de cuajar del todo.

    Trata de la historia de una pareja de jóvenes escritores y sus dos hijos que, tras la muerte de la tía del papá, descubren que han heredado algunas propiedades, incluida la casa donde el protagonista vivió de niño, y que tuvo que abandonar

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