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  1. As far as my knowledge goes, this is the first ever book that i read.I was fascinated by the cover page and the title that involves Michael Phelps’s name and i wasn’t bothered who the author was.So my reading started with this particular book.This is a well written book which has fantastic incidents of Michael’s life.As a child he suffered from ADHD, so his mother being a teacher handled him very well.His two sisters were also very supportive.This book involves two halves or it describes two pha

  2. I found this to be a terribly written biography. When I read about someone with stellar achievements, I want to know more about their life, their challenges and their motivations. This book was so superficial on all counts that I would rather have simply read the Olympics stats. Because it didn’t quite achieve any more than that, IMHO. I mean, if Michael and all his family felt his time in college and going away were incredibly formative, there has to be something more than ‘He learned to buy gr

  3. The book ‘Michael Phelps: The Untold Story of a Champion’ is about Michael Phelps’ unbelieveable trip to Beijing, China, winning 8 olympic gold medals in 8 competitions he swam.
    The beginning of the book is pretty much about Michael’s childhood and his family. It tells about his older sisters, who also had an impressive swimming carrer and his likings besides swimming. So he was an outstanding lacrosse player and also liked to play golf.
    He qualified for his very first olympics in Australia’s capi

  4. This book sucked. I got about 50-60 pages in and got bored and stopped reading. The beginning had bits and pieces about Michael from his family and his coach and from him himself but nothing that I couldn’t find out from reading an interview about him on espn.com or looking him up on wikipedia. The thing that really turned me off was a section talking about Michael’s injuries before the 2008 games. In the book the author talks to a couple of Phelps’ teammates at Michigan who don’t want their nam

  5. This book was just ok. The format was somewhat unorganized and repetitive. It really did not provide much insight into Michael Phelps that could not have been obtained from simply watching coverage of the 2008 Olympic Games. Much of the book had nothing to do with Michael Phelps. It was random facts about and interviews from swimmers (and their families) of the 2000, 2004, and 2008 Olympics. The quoted interview statements could have and often should have been paraphrased, as there was a lot of

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