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  1. Damn Goodreads! I just wrote a long review about this book only to see it wiped. OK. Here goes again…
    This was a delightful book that is part travel story, part a very personal narrative of self-discovery, that the author Zoe Boccabella (beautiful mouth in Italian) shares with us. Having been born in Australia when assimilation was at the fore, and anything that smacked of difference or Otherness was hidden, Zoe was ashamed (much to her nonno and nonna’s chagrin) of her Italian half – the pater

  2. Zoe Boccabella has written a delightful account about finding her identity and of coming to terms with heritage, culture, and the burden of family expectations.
    After experiencing racial prejudice and bullying at school, the author rejected her Italian-ness in order to be like all the rest. While she adored her grandfather, she swept the traditions of the old country under the carpet in order to fit in. After years of his urging her to visit the family home in Fossa in the mountainous centre of

  3. If you have ever lived in two countries, especially through migration, then this book will be a meaningful read. Zoe Boccabella writes of her personal journey through that emotional tug of war: the conflict between the need of belonging to ones adopted country and the longing to connect with ones country of origin. Mezza.. half. In her case it is Australia’s Gold Coast and the Abruzzi region of Italy. She writes enchantingly of her travels and discoveries as she reconnects to an Italian past.

  4. Part homage to a family and part love story to Italy, Boccabella’s tale of discovering her heritage is an interesting read for those with a fondness for Italy.

    Like the author I live in Brisbane, and having spent time in Italy I found I related on a number of levels. However, not being Italian myself, there was much to learn about the culture and identity.

    Unfortunately I found many parts of the book repetitive, a little dull and I simply couldn’t get past Boccabella’s bitterness at initially tur

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