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  1. Where to start? The Metasploit Framework (MSF) is a very popular penetration testing tool used by security professionals the world over. It was previously written in Perl but underwent a complete rewrite for version 3, where the developers switched the project to Ruby. The tool unifies the various stages of penetration testing in convenient interfaces (“msfconsole” for interactive use and “msfcli” for scripting purposes): information gathering and storage, exploit and payload configuration, IDS

  2. I have occasionally played Metasploit with friends and recently started playing at home, so this seemed like a good guide. The first chapter adds some interesting commentary to the storyline but can be skipped by those not completely interested in the thin plot. Other than that, this book is a standard walkthrough with some hints and easter eggs. My biggest complaint is that even after reading this book cover to cover, I’m still trying to figure out how to beat this game.

  3. Although the principles within this book are still relevant and very helpful, the book is outdated and a revised version hasn’t been published. An even newer version of Metasploit is being released at DEFCON 23 which will further make this book obsolete.

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