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  1. While not the equal of Mercury Falls, Mercury Rises is still ample evidence that Robert Kroese is the best humorist on the south side of Christopher Moore and one of the best social satirists since Douglas Adams. There is certainly a lot of influence from both writers. Kroese has a singular wit and a talent for lambasting both mythical warhorses and pop culture silliness in the same paragraph…
    “Bigger than the Attache Cases of the Apocalypse?” asked Uzziel. “Like what? I’ve looked into the repo

  2. 4.5 Stars

    Mercury Rises, book 2 in the Mercury series by Robert Kroese is not a disappointment. As a second book it was not quite up to the standards of Mercury Falls because of the lack of interaction between Mercury and Christine. This book does however ratchet up the humor and the wit.

    There are so many great one liners that will have you laughing out loud. There are many incredible references that are equally hilarious. There are so many quibs that I am sure that I overlooked many of them.


  3. Please note: I will not change my rating or review, as my reviews are based upon the book, but I will warn other bloggers that this author has recently treated a fellow blogger very badly and abusively when she politely declined his review request and advised him to follow submission guidelines in the future when requesting a review. I have removed myself as a fan of this author and will no longer support him through purchasing his books.

    Book Info: Genre: Urban Fantasy, humorous
    Reading Level: Ad

  4. A sequel to the hilarious Mercury Falls, Mercury Rises gives readers a insightful backstory on Mercury and his relationship to Tiamat who vows to make Lucifer’s rebellion look like a toddler tantrum. I can see satan kicking and screaming now.

    And who would have guessed the ark had a name? Noah makes a wonderful appearance with his big boat and been-cooped-up-too-long family and we learn what really happened to certain mystical creatures.

    The apocalypse looms large yet again and much-loved characte

  5. After reading Mercury Falls, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this book! I’m so glad that I was able to stumble upon Robert Kroese’ work.
    The story is about what happens after the apocalypse is thwarted by Mercury and Christine, with a side of flashbacks into Mercury’s past. Kroese has a great sense of humor that shows itself in his writing. I don’t generally read satire or humor novels, but in this case I’m looking forward to the next book!
    I definitely recommend that you check out this book.

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