5 thoughts on “Meet Wild Boars

  1. Let’s say it at the start – the wild boars are NOT pleasant. In fact, we can all agree there’s no such thing as a nice wild boar. They make rude smells, they wantonly destroy your things, they tusk you if you do anything nice for them, they throw massive tantrums – and then they laugh when they blame it all on you.

    And these are the main characters of this book, so if you or your child is incapable of understanding that *depicting* bad behavior is not the same thing as *endorsing* bad behavior, w

  2. Wow. I do not understand what the purpose of this book was. Is it maybe to teach manners? Doing it in a reverse way though doesn’t seem helpful. All we see is how rude, nasty, and mean these four wild boars are. Even the baby who leaves a steamy pile of poo. Is this telling us that no matter what there are some children who will always be BAD?

    Skip this one.

  3. A rather charming warning of just how awful wild boars can be. Four boars a introduced and then the author cheekily suggests they come visit you at your house. Their behavior at your house is atrocious! But this is a cautionary tale, so if you ever do in fact come across a wild boar, you won’t been surprised.

    Great illustrations.

  4. I am not sure what the purpose of this book but I am going to guess that it is to show kids that being , rude, smelly and noisy like wild boars, they can see the errors in their bad behavior and shape up? Not sure! Interesting concept and it has some comical moments!

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