5 thoughts on “Mate Hunger (Ra’s Chosen, #2)

  1. I greatly enjoyed Marisa Chenery obvious knowledge of ancient Egypt and as a history lover, those are the passages which were my favorite. In general I found the writing concise with reasonable pace and plot, though I found the dialogues sometimes stilted, especially the interaction between to the two main characters.

    Other than that, the only problem I did have was the fact the female character was written not once, but twice as kneeing the warrior in the groin. As a trained warrior, and suppos

  2. Mate Hunger is the second book of the Ra’s Chosen Series. It tells the story of Set and how he meets his mate Desiree when she witnesses him take out one of the undead (enemies to Ra’s Chosen). This story is very similar to Mehens story (Soul Hunger). He eventually cannot erase her memeory so he has to take her to their headquarters to see if the rest are able to wipe her memory. She is at first reluctant to stay there with Set but with his charm, rocking body and promises of hot sweaty sex they

  3. Although I had not read the first book in Marisa Chenery’s “Ra’s Chosen” series, it was not difficult to understand the unique words and phrases used to describe certain activities by the warriors because explanations were smoothly inserted. Easing into the tale was simple and I had high hopes after reading the first dozen or so pages.

    I love fantasy and the story of the Chosen of Ra protecting mortals from the undead was an exciting premise, and the details and explanations of how they came into

  4. Marisa Chenery “Mate Hunger”

    Marisa Chenery’s “Mate Hunger” sizzles with passion and electrifying sex! Your blood will be fire once you read this book. You will be wishing that you had your own warrior to worship and lust over as Desiree does.

    I enjoyed reading this book, but wished that it did not end so soon. I love how Marisa tells the love story between Desiree and Set. If you are a sucker for romances like I am, I guarantee you will enjoy this book. The ending to this book will have you wan

  5. He knows she’s his destined mate, chosen by the sun god Ra himself. She thinks he’s a lunatic. Can Set convince her how much he needs her?

    How many blows to the groin can a man endure before giving up the chase? Unfortunately for Set, it’s not just a matter of wanting what he can’t have; he actually needs Desiree’s blood to live. But that’s something she’s not willing to give. Not without a fight, anyhow. Despite her attraction, Desire refuses to believe all this “chosen warrior” and “undead” no

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