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  1. MARTEREAU Nathalie Sarraute
    I thought I was prepared. My memory of our time together in The Planetarium seemed clear. The shared smiles and laughter at her observations, at the frailty of others, not unkind just factual, the moments of despair, a feeling of sorrow for their weakness, their petty concerns, their humanity.
    Eager to resume our intimacy, to rise and fall together, the effortless grace as she led me, a turn here, a pause there, then a headlong rush forward, no turning back, ever forw

  2. the prose is just as hypnotically gorgeous as in tropisms and portrait of a man unknown, but the story is almost naturalistic and very day-to-day reality. this could almost be a virginia woolf book. i can’t fault the woman for trying something new (so far all three of her books that i’ve read have been very very different), and portrait of a man unknown is a pretty damn hard act to follow, but still i was a little disappointed.

  3. I actually didn’t quite read all of this book. It was one of our books from book group – the nueveau roman period.
    However, we did a lot of reading in book group and discussed the book thoroughly, so I’ve read-ish, and hope to go back and read through it again.
    It is a neat experiment with the novel and makes the reader very aware of himself.

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