2 thoughts on “Marchands D’art

  1. Written with vulgarity, all over the place in time and place, indulgent, offensive and impossibly dishonest, this miraculous little book gives a view like no other of the world of superwealthy art dealers and collectors.
    85 when he dictated these notes, Daniel Wildenstein had no inhibitions about revealing stunning secrets. Why Malraux, that thief and art destroyer, REALLY had it in for his father. How Wildenstein’s man got appointed at Versailles (Wildenstein convinced the decider’s mistress to

  2. A delicious dive into the world of art marchands, spanning 3 generations of a family dedicated to the trade. This is a book that puts to earth many myths one may have on the glam surrounding the art trade, but also one that will surprise you with dimensions and perspectives you can’t grasp if you’re not in the game. Also, there is a family mystery underlying the history, with a surprising twist in the end. A great little book.

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