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  1. 14-11-2012

    It was the day of the solar eclipse, when my son must have “Tuned-in” to my writing. I was writing the story of our experience of this special phenomenon this morning on my website blog and as I write now, I still feel the sensation I experienced when I noticed the “way of the light” ~ the shadows that were cast in the early morning, were so dreamy and mesmerising. Unlike anything I have ever seen before!

    During the course of our busy day, my son said, “Mum, we can’t run away from our

  2. Suffice to say, I picked this up at the library thinking it was something else: guided meditations for simple relaxation. However, the author wants you to embark on another quest altogether, into the soul of nature’s essence to seek your higher purpose or something (perhaps I should have read her book first), and I didn’t get beyond the first track. Here is another example, by the way, where an author should think twice before reading an audio book themselves. If you are looking for a guru, I th

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