5 thoughts on “Man with a Past

  1. This book was horrible. It started off as the third act of a 3 act play. I think my friends and family thought I ate something horrible the whole time I listened to it.
    The main male needs to be smacked, punched and kneed.
    the female needs a new brain. Not sure why I have the book but it should be good to prop something up….

  2. It was simply horrible.

    ‘You have to trust me.’
    ‘But tell me who you are and were.’
    ‘It doesn’t matter, I will never lie to you and you have to trust me.’
    ‘But I don’t really know you and we can’t have a relationship without communication.’
    ‘Yes, you do know me – we’ve dated for the last month and I was always telling the truth, so trust me.’
    ‘Oh, OK, I guess I love you, so I will trust you and never ask about your past.’
    ‘Then I will tell you about my past. And by the way, I love you too.’


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