5 thoughts on “Mallory and Mary Ann Take New York (Mallory McDonald, #19)

  1. Mary Ann is my lifelong best friend. We do everything together…

    Best friends and neighbors Mary Ann and Mallory have been on the edge of their seats for weeks, awaiting news of the new contest that will be announced during their favorite television show — Fashion Fran! Although the girls have no idea what they will be required to do, or what the mysterious prize might end up being, they know that they plan on entering — and WINNING — together!

    The winner will receive an all-expenses paid t

  2. Mallory and Mary Ann are back. This time they enter a fashion design contest, the winner of which will get a trip for four to New York City and a chance to appear on Fashion Fran’s television show and model her winning outfit. They pinky swear that they will somehow share the spotlight if one of them wins. To her surprise, Mallory’s design is the winner. The two friends and their mothers get to make the trip to NY. However, the girls’ friendship is threatened when they are told only Mallory can

  3. I love all the Mallory books but this one is one of my favorites! I have been to NYC many times, therefore it was interesting reading about all the places in NYC. it is an easy read so i just read over the weekend! If you have read other Mallory books you feel the emotions the characters are feeling. And this book certainly has a lot of emotion in it. If you are looking for an easy read and want to be shocked by suprising events this is the book for you.

  4. I liked it because it is about friendship, and because I know where they have been the statue of Liberty, (I have been there) empire state building, (been there) Times square.(seen that) I just want to say I love it.

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