5 thoughts on “Makeup

  1. I saw this book released in Australia a while ago, and wanted to look at it then never got around to it. Then I rediscovered my love for makeup a few months ago, and after seeing a Youtuber mention it, that was the tipping point for me. I’d read a million beauty blogs, watched a lot of beauty videos, and bought a whole lot of makeup, but there’s just something about seeing the work of a top makeup artist, and hearing tips and tricks straight from them that’s so inspirational and really credible.

  2. This is a makeup book that is genuinely insightful and easy to understand. I have read numerous makeup books that offer little originality or creativity as well as having hard makeup tutorials to understand/follow. But this book is brilliant. Fun to read, easy tips to try on yourself or others (and handy too), plus the photography is exceptional. I would definitely recommend it!

  3. I expected so much out of this book. The images were overly altered, which made it hard to see detail. The models were heavily powdered and their skin looked cakey and dry. Most of the looks were extreme and theatrical. I was very disappointed, because I expected to get a lot more use out of this book. It didn’t give me anything that I could integrate into my current routine.

  4. A really good creative book. Rae Morris is currently one of my favorite makeup artist and publishers. Her books not only speak about basic makeup but also gives you that creative side of makeup. If you are looking for a good makeup books then you might skip this one. This book is for people that already get makeup and want to work on the creative side

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