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  1. Lady Sophia visits wounded soldiers in hospital instead of going to boring, insipid balls put on by the Ton. During her visits, she meets Major Anthony Wyclyff and forms a friendship. However, soon he takes a turn for the worse and while she’s nursing him, he asks her to marry him. Thinking he will not recover, and to please a dying man whom she’s grown fond of, she agrees. A few days later, she is told the Major has succumbed to his injuries.

    Several months later, Lady Sophia has given away her

  2. Major Wyclyff’s Campaign by Jade Lee is an old fashioned historical romance that just received an awesome audio upgrade. Originally released in 2001 the story centers around Lady Sophia who used to spend her spare time tending to wounded soldiers in the hospital until her favorite patient dies. This particular soldier was Major Anthony Wyclyff who Sophia would spend hours talking with about her fears, dreams, and frustration with the aristocracy. On his deathbed he asked her to marry him and she

  3. I bought this book at a library sale for fifty cents. I was robbed.

    Sophie is a member of high society, nursing wounded soldiers. Major Wyclyff is the latest and she promises to marry him, but only to give him hope while he is dying, she doesn’t really mean it. Devastated when she learns of his death she removes herself from the ton to the country. There, she conducts a ritual to rid herself of her useless past by burning her bras…well, actually burying her whalebone corsets (which just happen

  4. Really just ok. I started it because I am looking for a book I read long ago about a Major? Captain? who is in need of a fortune but the heroine falls in love with him because though poor he is a good man. This wasn’t it but it was good enough to read to the end. Just not real exciting. Nice premise though.

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