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  1. This book is well written. It is a little dry at times. However, I enjoy that the author gives accounts of what is happening politically, socially & personally around the madame. The best part is that she gives incite to other people that affected her life as well. Backgrounds of individuals that would influence her later in life or political unrest & turmoil that would affect how her “art” would progress. Another great point is that the author tackles some of the myths that surrounded t

  2. he record of Madame Tussaud’s early years in France, other than the dubious one of her own hand, is scant to non-existant. In this absence, the author documents what is known with an analysis of popular “entertainments” of the time and the role of the Curtius waxworks in it. The theme of popular culture carries through to Madame Tussaud’s time in England, although at this time there would have been more biographical record to draw upon. In short, while in part a biography, this book is more the

  3. Berridge seems strangely to dislike her subject–she is certainly very condescending about her. For example, she constantly plays up Tussaud’s falsification of her relationships with the famous as an example of ego. But, it could just as easily be said that it was the effort of a woman trying to succeed on her own to make promote herself as a businesswoman and make herself more respectable.

    It is also odd how little the waxworks turn up. She doesn’t at all discuss the kind of work (or artistry) t

  4. I enjoyed this book as a follow-up to Madame Tussaud: A Novel of the French Revolution, the recent fictionalized account. The nonfiction book did a nice job of reviewing what sources are available for information about Madame Tussaud and places where Ms. Tussaud’s own memoirs probably exaggerated her place in the royal court and other such personal history.

    The book could be a little dry at points, but it gave solid information about both Tussaud’s life and the different time periods surrounding

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