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  1. When Henry gets a disturbing video from a friend in the Peace Corps, he formulates a plan to save a dozen or so of his closest friends from an alien invasion. Gathering the friends turns out to be the first of his problems. After convincing them of the danger, he must plan for how to keep them alive and safe until this danger blows over. Something goes wrong in his plan, and he and two friends are left out in the world to fend against the alien plant life and find a way to escape the “Cornucopia

  2. **review copy provided by author**

    It is the year 2014 and what is left of the world are the effects of an event that took place two years before. In our near future five meteors have fallen to earth and from them has sprouted a new life form – Cornucopia Blue. Vegetation with roots and fruits whose colours range from blue to violet grew out of the meteors and without hesitation quickly and silently flourished. Henry, an employee at a nursing home, received a warning three days before the rest of

  3. The author had some really interesting ideas. I really liked the overall premise, the central threat in the story. Unfortunately, my ability to appreciate it was limited by the story telling.

    The worst part of this book is the editing (or lack thereof). Throughout the book, there are dozens of glaring grammatical errors that jarred me out of the narrative. From errant turns of phrase (“differed terrible much”, “if felt like”), to omitted words. I know this is an independent work without a profess

  4. Survival horror is easy to write. All you need is a zombie or some other sort of end-of-the-world threat to mankind, a small group of determined survivors, and buckets of blood and gore. Transforming survival horror into a thoughtful and emotionally compelling examination of the human condition, that is another matter entirely. That transformation takes talent. And in Luminous and Ominous, Noah Mullette-Gillman demonstrates his talents artfully.

    The plot is simple, and in line with the genre. An

  5. Loved it!

    My Amazon.com review:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book! How often does the trailer intrigue you but give too much away? That was not the case for me with Lumi-Omi, as its followers affectionately call it. The tag line hooked me, yet I was surprised by what I found inside. In fact, the surprises just kept coming from start to finish. The book is well written and perfectly paced.

    The story is both creepy and beautiful. It was very hard to put down, but I never would have slept if I hadn’t ta

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