4 thoughts on “Luke’s Gold

  1. Another awesome read, from one of the greatest Western writers of the 21st Century. West never disappoints, puts his readers right into the pages and a master at creating believable characters.

    This one is about a young Cowboy named Cade Hunter, he’s been doing man’s work since the age of 14 and 20 years old he’s wise beyond his years.

    He finds himself a foot, after having to shoot his horse Billy his last connection to his childhood and ends up being taken in by Rancher John Becker while on a C

  2. This was a face paced, action packed story that I think my students will enjoy. There was plenty of shooting, bad language, and even a pretty girl. The boys will be thrilled and I am happy because it didn’t get dirty.

  3. Latest standalone from Mr.West. A tale of a young man avenging the murder of a friend and nearly his own. Along the way, he helps people and makes new friends.

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