0 thoughts on “Lucky In Love

  1. This book had it all. Somewhat slutty heroine, creepy older guy, stalkerish construction worker/blonde adonis younger guy, and a Boss Hogg wannabe bad guy. I’m not sure what the other reviewers were reading, but it wasn’t this classic piece of whatthefuckery. DNF

  2. Ms. Coverstone has, once again, written a saga about the love of her life-horses and the west. I quickly became a follower of Ms. Coverstone after reading her first works. I now look for anything with her name-it’s sure to be a winner. I commend her for her ability to tell her stories so they are fresh and new and never cookie-cutter types. No matter what I read, I’m amazed at her ability to seize her readers’ attention with an inspiring storyline.

    Her characters are multi-faceted and their actio

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