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  1. Lt. Daniel Leary, based on his adventures in “With the Lightnings”, finds himself in command of a corvette with a loyal and hyper-competent crew, and a mission to deliver a political exile back to his home planet. Or so it would seem.

    More space opera goodness, with a good bit more planet-hopping and space-battling than the first go-round, and it ends up being just about as satisfying as the first book.

    Just about.

    The opening quarter or so of the book felt bloated to me, with Drake giving in to t

  2. Great military adventure — although the military structures seems more akin to the British Empire navy.

    Lieutenant Leary and his librarian/information specialist companion navigate troubled politics and interstellar travels. This is a good story, well told, with colorful and engaging characters. This is not a romance, Leary is a skirt chaser, in port, his librarian is aloof, faintly amused at Leary’s light approach to evenings of intimacy (with different ladies each evening).

    This is the second

  3. From Publishers Weekly No one who read Drake’s first account of Lt. Daniel Leary’s adventures in With the Lightnings will be surprised at the appearance of this sequel; that novel clearly launched a series. What is surprising, however, is the wonderfully strong quality of the follow-up. Although Drake starts off on an odd note (with a panoramic view of a military-SF hierarchical society), his Dan Leary and Signal Officer Adele Mundy prove an uncommonly engaging pair of protagonists. Mundy in pa

  4. Drake’s RCN series features the military leader Daniel Leary and his friend Adele Mundy, librarian extraordinaire, along with a delightful, ever-expanding cast of support characters such as Daniels’ family and his servant, Hogg, Adele’s socially-challenged assistant Tovera, his shipmates, the incomparable Sissies, etc. (And there’s usually a despicable character named Platt.) The stories are all solidly grounded on some interesting historical situation, which he explains in the books’ introducti

  5. Lt. Leary finally has a command of his own, even if it is a non-RCN-built corvette with the unlikely name of Princess Cecile. He and his Sissie crew are rightly proud of it and the modifications which have brought it closer to RCN standards. Now equipped with his own ship, this series absolutely soars! What a great space opera yarn!

    And his partner, Warrant Officer Adele Mundy, is a trained cybersleuth. That’s right, she’s a librarian who more than knows her way around databases. Security has not

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