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  1. Again I’m reviewing this book as I read each story. The first story Enigma was interesting but something just didn’t sit right with me so I hope the next story is better. The second story is The Truth About Love. It was about a misunderstanding and how they resolved it in the end, cute story. The third story is Penny Palmer. I really enjoyed this story (it’s the best so far). It’s about what happens when a secret comes out and then how the truth healed the pain it caused. The forth story is Othe

  2. Great set of short stories
    Enigma i felt like i read that story before or something similar but all in all great collection of short stories i would read more from this author i liked her writing style

  3. My review on Amazon:

    I was so pleased to find a collection of such sweet, romantic short stories. Each one was the perfect length and each brought a different type of relationship into focus. If you’re looking for some sweet, non-cheesy Hallmark Channel-style romance, the kind that makes you smile, you’ll find it in this collection.

    I’ll note that each story is written with British spellings and sayings, so I found some of those a little odd. But I’m sure that if I wrote something based off my Ame

  4. Enigma: is just to weird for me. no comment lol
    The truth about love: ok for a short story, would have been nice to know if they got together.
    Penny Palmer: I just can’t make myself read anymore….

    close and delete book

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