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  1. This is my non-spoiler review of Love and Consequences parts I,

    This is my non-spoiler review of Love and Consequences parts I, II and III and the same review is going to be posted on all three books. This is not the first book written by Sabrina Eubanks that I read and yet I am still impressed with her writing. Some may consider her books Street or Urban Lit but she categorize them as Contemporary Urban Literature. Regardless of your preferred genre do not fool yourself into believing it’s not

  2. Lucas Cain is back and better than ever! Part 3 starts you off right where 2 ended. In Part 2 we knows that Lucas has been shot due to the major bust him and Noah were apart of. Noah has been shot and is in really bad shape and we dont know whstas going to be the outcome. Lucas is best known or his poker face, so as he waits to hear the results from Noah and make sure that Nick is ok he tries to never show any type of emotion. As the recovery and news start to surface they are hit with some majo

  3. OMG I loved the entire book 3 continuous Love & Consequences.

    “Bad boys Bad boys watcha gonna do watcha gonna do when they come for YOU?!;”

    Lucas and Noah are 2 detectives that are not to played with at Work or Home. I was so happy to see Noah get a piece of mind at least for a little awhile by I’m hoping it will last. Leah, I have liked her from the beginning always keeping it real. Nicole such a disappointment UGH. Lucas Lucas Lucas my baby can’t catch a break; however he can’t be broken..

  4. They’re back!!! Lucas and Noah and the pick up where the left off. You know you are reading a good book when you start yelling at the characters, and Nicole got on my nerves and I yelled at her and a few other people, but that’s all I can say you have to read the book to see what happens. Noah is a bad boy in this book, but he can’t help it and you have to love him because he tells you. Lucas is still my favorite he wants to be a good guy he really does I appreciate that about him but Noah is mo

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