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  1. Review by Ollie for bittenbyparanormalromance

    Each time I read Adonis Deverueux’s books, which are set in the wondrous world of Gilalion, I always find myself lost in the beautiful details, sights, sounds and powerful emotions. I always feel that I am reading a Greek tragedy mixed with the complexities of Lord of the Rings and the various clans and lands as Game of Thrones.

    I have to honestly say that when I finished reading this book I was very moved and full of conflicting emotions ranging from

  2. First of all, the bad news. I must confess that this is not my favourite of Adonis Devereux’s books I read so far. It’s not for any specific fault of the book; I just feel that the scope and intensity of the story needed more length to come into full bloom. The majesty of the plot deserved a more measured pace; the intricacy of the sex scene a more nuanced description; the dazzling richness of the world building could fill volumes on its own; and the conflicts and development of the characters (

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    : Love Comes Twice was one of those stories that sucked me in right away. I quickly became attached to the main characters and wanted to know more about them and their world. I could not wait to find out more about their future and I was concerned about their encounters with their enemies. Overall this was a wonderful book but I must be honest and tell you that there is a point about three quarters of the

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