5 thoughts on “Love at the Railway Hotel

  1. Loved Sue Hurley’s first novel on many levels, most of all because I could hear the author’s voice throughout. It was an honest representation of a country community and their interpersonal struggles, brought to life with the specific details and references of times and experiences that many would be familiar with. Cotton-tails and Craven A’s – I hadn’t thought about them for a long time and such literary ephemera effectively draws the reader into the novel and so engages us in the characters li

  2. I loved this book! Written with humour and empathy. Set in a country Australian town the author beautifully and honestly captures the 70s… right down to your Dad’s terry towelling hat. While it is described as a coming of age book the author’s experience and passion for Aussie Rules football, pubs, racing and music give this book greater appeal than your typical coming of age book. Looking forward to the next book by this author. Highly recommended!

  3. A fabulous first novel which I found hard to put down. Maybe because there were lots of things in story that I could identify with; Sunday night Disney, over boiled vegetables and the awkwardness of finding your way as a teenager in the 80’s. A great book for a young adult which champions believing in yourself and your aspirations in a true blue Aussie way.

  4. This is a little jewel of a book. Perfect for when you do not have time to read a weighty worthy tome, but do not want to be assaulted by rubbish. For all of those readers who grew up in country Australia, the story will resonate and for those who did not, read and learn.

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