5 thoughts on “Lost Ohio

  1. A few months ago I went to the library to get some books on some upcoming travel destinations and I happened upon Lost Ohio. I picked it up because I thought the cover artwork was very interesting.
    I also thought that it would be interesting to read it because I’ve lived in Ohio for almost 6 years and I don’t really know anything about the state or it’s towns.
    I’m not a fan of historical non-fiction but I thought Lost Ohio was fascinating. There were stories of a massive swamp that swallowed pione

  2. McNutt’s Lost Ohio is a very interesting and entertaining book about the lore of the many forgotten small towns found throughout Ohio and the characters (some funny, some frightening) that inhabited them. I really enjoyed the segments on the old Ohio Reformatory in Mansfield as well as the early settlement of the forboding Black Swamp region in northwest Ohio. McNutt is a natural and captivating storyteller.

  3. If you like Ohio history and the idea of trying to investigate little towns going by the wayside, this book is an excellent choice. I really enjoyed learning even more about my home state and it makes me want to go out and investigate more of it myself. I would highly recommend this to anyone interesting in history.

  4. This book was ok. If you like travel books or local histories it should be fine. It took me a long time to get through but I kept at it since I know some of the area. I did learn a few interesting tid-bits, but I don’t expect to be re-reading this one any time soon.

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