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  1. In Lost Bodies we follow 2 characters during a time of heavy political repression as their stories intertwine.
    It begins with Andres- a man who is half-alive in a desert camp at the bottom of a well. He’s been there for several years, the exact numbers are never revealed. But he isn’t the only one, around him are several other men imprisoned in the same conditions guarded by soldiers.
    And then we have Tamia- a woman hiding behind rocks on the outskirts of the fort hoping to hear news about her par

  2. Translated beautifully from the French, this lyric novel traces the intersecting journeys of three outcasts struggling to survive amid the political repression of North Africa. When reading it, one can’t help but ask what would we do for those we love, what would be worth surviving for, what roots us to this place we find ourselves?

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