2 thoughts on “Lonely Hearts

  1. A simple and uncomplicated romantic read. I have to say that I really liked Sylvie a lot. She reminded me of a free-spirited bohemian type. I admire those types of people enjoy reading about them, probably because I’m nothing like that at all. I’m more like Ray, the anal-retentive postman. He’s very serious and a major rule follower. But he also has a kind heart and means very well. Sylvie on the other hand also has a kind heart but is extremely disorganized and is pretty much in every way Ray’s

  2. I wouldn’t typically include on such a list much less keep a romance novel beyond one reading. But, the lead character in this book designs rubber stamps. And the book is full of references to rubber stamping. And given that I probably own as many rubber stamps as books, this book is a fun intersection of two addictions.

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