0 thoughts on “Living Dead at Ziegfreidt and Roy

  1. Humorously Horrifying!

    Holy shit! I loved the way Axel Howerton has captured these humorous characters in their frantic state of being scared shitless before being eaten by zombies led by white tigers. Excellent job in turning humorous situation’s into a terrifying and horrifying deathly blood bath ending.

    I loved the Texas Cowboy character and his ending choice would have been the ending choice I would of taken had I been put in the situation of being eaten by the white tiger or even being turned

  2. Las Vegas…zombies on the loose! Axel Howerton has a gift for dialog and writing kick ass action scenes. Prepare yourself to enter a Las Vegas full of zombies and tigers and an old cowboy dude in Las Vegas praying to God he doesn’t become one of the living dead. A fun, wild read!

  3. Also available on Smashwords

    Some reviews from Smashwords:

    Review by: Amy Marshall on Oct. 26, 2011 : *****
    It starts with a jolt—the bang of a door, the manic tinkling of the bell above it; suddenly, shockingly, you find your legs sticking uncomfortably to a naugahyde bench and your elbows resting on a formica tabletop while your palms burn around a white ceramic coffee cup. The weather is suddenly oppressively hot(and forget about that “dry heat” crap because those of us who have lived in the de

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