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  1. I really enjoyed reading this adaptation of Little Women. It gave me an idea of what the story would be like and I look forward to reading the full-length version once I can find my copy of it (I think it’s packed away in a box somewhere).

    For younger readers, this is a good introduction to the story. The pictures that are scattered through it are well-done in a sort of coloring book style. A creative young person might even enjoy coloring them as they read the story.


    This is a nineteenth century classic written by Louisa May Alcott who was born in1832 in Pennsylvania, USA about four sisters who have to live in poverty. This is the first book in this series. This book can be read as individual and also as part of series. Other books in series include:
    1. Good Wives
    2. Little men
    3. Jo’s Boys
    Book Description:
    This book brings us into the world of the four march girls and their neighbor Laurie. These little women work hard in order

  3. “Little Women” is a novel published in 1868 and written by an American author called Louisa May Alcott. Author used American Civil War as the background of the story and it talking about the love between four sisters. Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy. They had their unique and distinct personality. They lived together with their mother, their father was a solider in the civil war. Although, they were not rich but the four sisters’ mother taught them must help other poor people.
    The eldest sister, Meg was

  4. My book is about a story of a lovely family 4 girls and a mom and a dad.There were a very happy family until there dad has to go to the Civil War. Later on in the book the family gets an letter saying that the dad is very ill , and the mom needs to go nurse her husband.As months… years passed the little girls are now women and they learn more about love and about life.
    One of the girls was going to marry young but then the man left her and was gone for good. She knew he was leaving her but she

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